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Year 2000-01
Director Rudolf van den Berg
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Albion Entertainment
Cadenza Films B.V.
Film Venture C.V.

Film synopsis Larry Goldberg is the owner of a second-hand bookstore in Amsterdam. He came to The Netherlands 30 years ago. He's a middle aged hermit who likes to talk and has an answer to everything. He is intelligent and has a sense of humour. One day, a girl walks into his store, who looks like Larry's lost love from Morocco. The girl makes Larry rethink his life. In the surroundings of the bookstore, a lot of criminal, but also funny activities take place. Besides Amsterdam, the movie also travels to Morocco, to see Larry and his love 30 years before, and to the United States, where Aïsha's family lives.
Film cast Burt Reynolds     ....    Larry Goldberg
Julie Christie     ....    Narma
Carmen Chaplin     ....    Aïsha
Angela Groothuizen     ....    Rose
Pierre Bokma     ....    Max Meyer
Jonathan Ryland     ....    Paddy
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler     ....    producer
Dirk Jan Weijers     ....    executive producer
Quinn Donoghue     ....    associate producer
Jim Hajicosta     ....    associate producer
Jereon Koolbergen  ....associate producer

Written by
Michael O'Loughlin        
Rudolf van den Berg

Original Music by
Natacha Atlas        
Oum Kalsoum        
Bob Zimmerman        

Cinematography by
Gábor Szabó        

Film Editing by
Kant Pan        

Casting by
Adil Abdelouahab        
Alison Cowan        
Carol L. Dudley        
Mike Fenton        
Job Gosschalk        

Production Design by
Roland De Groot        
Benedict Schillemans        

Art Direction by
Ahmed Abounouom        
Michel De Graaf        
Minka Mooren        

Costume Design by
Sabine Snijders
Film distribution and sales First look Pictures / A-Film Distribution / Casablanca Filmes (2005) (Brazil) (DVD) / Casablanca Filmes (2005) (Brazil) / First Look Home Entertainment
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