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Year 1987-89
Director Richard Lester
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Ciné 5
Iberoamericana Films Producción S.A.
Timothy Burrill Productions Limited
Film synopsis It's 1649: Mazarin hires the impoverished D'Artagnan to find the other musketeers: Cromwell has overthrown the English king, so Mazarin fears revolt, particularly from the popular Beaufort. Porthos, bored with riches and wanting a title, signs on, but Aramis, an abbé, and Athos, a brawler raising an intellectual son, assist Beaufort in secret. When they fail to halt Beaufort's escape from prison, the musketeers are expendable, and Mazarin sends them to London to rescue Charles I. They are also pursued by Justine, the avenging daughter of Milady de Winter, their enemy 20 years ago. They must escape England, avoid Justine, serve the Queen, and secure Beauford's political reforms.
Film cast Michael York     ....    D'Artagnan
Oliver Reed     ....    Athos
Frank Finlay     ....    Porthos
C. Thomas Howell     ....    Raoul
Kim Cattrall     ....    Justine de Winter
Geraldine Chaplin     ....    Queen Anne
Roy Kinnear     ....    Planchet
Christopher Lee     ....    Rochefort
Philippe Noiret     ....    Cardinal Mazarin
Richard Chamberlain     ....    Aramis
Eusebio Lázaro     ....    Duke of Beaufort (as Eusebio Lazaro)
Alan Howard     ....    Cromwell
David Birkin     ....    Louis XIV
Bill Paterson     ....    Charles I
Jean-Pierre Cassel     ....    Cyrano De Bergerac (as Jean Pierre Cassel)
Billy Connolly     ....    Caddie
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler     ....    producer
Wayne Drizin     ....    executive producer
Mario Sotela     ....    executive producer

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Alexandre Dumas père         novel Vingt ans après
George MacDonald Fraser    

Original Music by
Jean-Claude Petit         (as Jean Claude Petit)

Cinematography by
Bernard Lutic        (director of photography)

Film Editing by
John Victor-Smith         (as John Victor Smith)

Production Design by
Gil Parrondo        

Art Direction by
Raul Paton        

Set Decoration by
Michael Seirton        

Costume Design by
Yvonne Blake
Film distribution and sales Universal Pictures (1989) (USA) (theatrical) / MCA/Universal Home Video (199?) (USA) (VHS) / Iberoamericana Films Producción S.A. (Spain) / UGC Distribution (France) / Entertainment Film Distribution (UK)
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