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Year 1981-82
Director Richard Lester
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Dovemead Ltd.
Film synopsis Gus was jobless. One day, he noticed his talent for computer. He was ordered to do wrong by Ross, the president of a big company. His wrong doing was blocked by Superman so Ross asked Gus to kill him, but it failed. The invincible computer was made by Gus's plan. At last the fight between Superman and the computer broke out.
Film cast Christopher Reeve     ....    Superman/Clark Kent
Richard Pryor     ....    Gus Gorman
Jackie Cooper     ....    Perry White
Marc McClure     ....    Jimmy Olsen
Annette O'Toole     ....    Lana Lang
Annie Ross     ....    Vera Webster
Pamela Stephenson     ....    Lorelei Ambrosia
Robert Vaughn     ....    Ross Webster
Margot Kidder     ....    Lois Lane
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler     ....    producer
Ilya Salkind     ....    executive producer
Robert Simmonds     ....    associate producer

Writing credits
Jerry Siegel        (characters) &
Joe Shuster        (characters)

David Newman        (screenplay) and
Leslie Newman        (screenplay)

Original Music by
Giorgio Moroder        (songs)
Ken Thorne        

Non-Original Music by
John Williams        (from "Superman (1978)")

Cinematography by
Robert Paynter        

Film Editing by
John Victor-Smith        

Casting by
Jane Feinberg        
Mike Fenton        
Debbie McWilliams        

Production Design by
Peter Murton        

Art Direction by
Brian Ackland-Snow        
Terry Ackland-Snow        
Bert Davey        

Costume Design by
Evangeline Harrison    
Film distribution and sales Warner Bros. / Warner Home Video (video) / Thorn EMI Video Australia
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