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Year 1976
Director Richard Fleischer
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Film Trust SA
Film synopsis Tom Canty is a poor English boy who bears a remarkable resemblance to Edward, Prince of Wales and son of King Henry VIII. The two boys meet and decide to play a joke on the court by dressing in each other's clothes, but the plan goes awry when they are separated and each must live the other's life.
Film cast Oliver Reed     ....    Miles Hendon
Raquel Welch     ....    Edith
Mark Lester     ....    Edward/Tom
Ernest Borgnine     ....    John Canty
George C. Scott     ....    The Ruffler
Rex Harrison     ....    The Duke of Norfolk
David Hemmings     ....    Hugh Hendon
Harry Andrews     ....    Hertford
Julian Orchard     ....    St. John
Murray Melvin     ....    Prince's Dresser
Lalla Ward     ....    Princess Elizabeth
Felicity Dean     ....    Lady Jane
Sybil Danning     ....    Mother Canty
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler     ....    producer
Ilya Salkind     ....    executive producer

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Berta Domínguez D.        
George MacDonald Fraser        
Pierre Spengler        
Mark Twain         novel The Prince and the Pauper

Original Music by
Maurice Jarre        

Cinematography by
Jack Cardiff        (director of photography)

Film Editing by
Ernest Walter        

Production Design by
Anthony Pratt        

Costume Design by
Judy Moorcroft        
Ulla-Britt Söderlund        (Raquel Welch's costumes)
Film distribution and sales Film Export AG / Warner Bros. (US/Japan) / 20th Century Fox (UK)
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