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Year 1977-78
Director Richard Donner
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Dovemead Ltd.
Film synopsis The planet Krypton is doomed. Only one man, Jor-El, knows it, and rockets his infant son to refuge on a distant world called Earth. As Jor-El's son grows to manhood, he learns he possesses super-powers he must hide from the ordinary mortals around him. And so, he disguishes himself as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter.
Film cast Marlon Brando     ....    Jor-El
Gene Hackman     ....    Lex Luthor
Christopher Reeve     ....    Superman/Clark Kent
Ned Beatty     ....    Otis
Jackie Cooper     ....    Perry White
Glenn Ford     ....    Pa Kent
Trevor Howard     ....    1st Elder
Margot Kidder     ....    Lois Lane
Jack O'Halloran     ....    Non
Valerie Perrine     ....    Eve Teschmacher
Maria Schell     ....    Vond-Ah
Terence Stamp     ....    General Zod
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler     ....    producer
Charles F. Greenlaw     ....    associate producer
Alexander Salkind     ....    producer
Ilya Salkind     ....    executive producer

Presentation by
Alexander Salkind

Writing credits
Jerry Siegel        (comic) &
Joe Shuster        (comic)

Mario Puzo        (story)

Mario Puzo        (screenplay) and
David Newman        (screenplay) and
Leslie Newman        (screenplay) &
Robert Benton        (screenplay)

Tom Mankiewicz           creative consultant

Original Music by
James E. Myers        (song "Rock Around the Clock")
John Williams        (also song "Can You Read My Mind?")
Rick Davies        (song "Give a Little Bit")
Roger Hodgson        (song "Give a Little Bit")

Non-Original Music by
Max Freedman        (song "Rock Around the Clock")
Buck Ram        (song "Only You")
André Rand        (song "Only You")

Cinematography by
Geoffrey Unsworth        

Film Editing by
Stuart Baird        
Michael Ellis        

Casting by
Lynn Stalmaster        

Production Design by
John Barry        

Art Direction by
Ernest Archer        
Philip Bennet        
Stuart Craig        
Leslie Dilley         (as Les Dilley)
Norman Dorme        
Tony Reading        
Norman Reynolds        

Set Decoration by
Peter Howitt        

Costume Design by
Yvonne Blake        

Film distribution and sales Warner Bros. / Warner Home Video
Film background
Film awards and festivals Academy Awards, USA 1979

•    Won Special Achievement Award
Les Bowie, Colin Chilvers, Denys N. Coop, Roy Field, Derek Meddings, Zoran Perisic
For visual effects.

•    Nominated, Oscar
Best Film Editing
Stuart Baird

•    Nominated, Oscar
Best Sound
Gordon K. McCallum, Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Messurier, Roy Charman

•    Nominated, Oscar
Best Music, Original Score
John Williams

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