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Year 2006
Director Michael Keusch
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Clubdeal Backtrack Film Company Ltd
Castel Film(Co production) Ltd

Film synopsis When MARSHALL LAWSON (Seagal) loses his strike-team in a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack, he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings. Soon he uncovers CTX Majestic, a covert military operation so secret, that now the military wants Marshall eliminated. Resolute in his pursuit, Marshall engages in a merciless battle with a drug dealer operation that appears to be secretly funded by a rogue arm of the military.
Film cast Steven Seagal
Film credits Produced by
Pierre Spengler  ....  producer
Steven Seagal  ....    producer
Binh Dang     ....    co-executive producer
William B. Steakley  ....  executive producer
Barbara Mudge  ....  executive producer
Bruno Hoefler  ....  executive producer
Phillip B. Goldfine     ....    co-producer
Joe Halpin     ....    associate producer
Richard Turner     ....    associate producer

Written by
Joe Halpin and Steven Seagal
Film distribution and sales Sony Pictures Entertainment (2006) (worldwide) (theatrical) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2006) (worldwide) (DVD)
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