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Year 2006
Director Jasmin Durakovic
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Fist
Orion Rental Company(co-production)
Sinchro Film & Video (co-production)
Film synopsis Ahmed and Lana, Red Eye and Jennet Hugh, Sado and Saba, Sahbey, Beba, Nemanja, Meli, Marx, Matan, Biber, Jimm and Nicollo... They are all characters in this film that tells their story during the war and in the post-war period. In a Sarajevo neighbourhood, these characters live their way through the war and the traumatic post-war times. This is a story about their lives, tragedies, passions and dramas, but also about their solidarity and faith in freedom and happier life. In a way, this film is a tribute to surviving Sarajevans who believe in life and "miracle in Sarajevo".
Film cast Aleksandar Seksan      Ahmed
Lucija Serbedzija        Lana
Senad Basic              Sado
Gordana Boban          Saba
Miralem Zubcevic       Shahbej
Haris Burina              Red Eye
Jasna Beri                Beba
Sasa Petrovic             Nemanja
Mustafa Nadarevic      Marks
Nancy Abdel Sakhi      Jennet Hugh
Mirsad Tuka               Biber
Feda Stukan              Jimm
Mario Drmac              Nicollo
Vanesa Glodzo           Meli
Mirvad Kuric              Matan
Film credits Written and Directed by
Jasmin Durakovic

Producer by
Jasmin Durakovic ... producer
Davor Pusic ... producer
Pierre Spengler ... executive producer
Miroslav Mitic ... co-producer

Director of Photography     Mirsad Herovic
Costume Designer            Amela Vilic
Set Designer                   Osman Arslanagic
Music Score Composer       Davor Sucic
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