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Year 2003
Director Srdjan Vuletic
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Clubdeal Ltd
Fildebtoc SA
Refresh Productions
Film synopsis Always dreaming of life elsewhere, two young guys hustle, hang out, get stoned and then get caught up with criminal types, a beautiful rich girl and a blackmail scam. A fresh and authentic début.
Film cast Fikret : Haris SIJARIC
Tiki : Kemal CEBO
Ramiz : Svetozar CVETKOVIC
Cico : Aleksandar SEKSAN
Majka : Sadžida ŠETIC
Klupa : Admir GLAMOCAK
Film credits Producer Ademir KENOVIC
Executive producer: Pierre Spengler
Scriptwriter and Director Srdjan VULETIC
Cinematographer Slobodan TRNINIC
Composer Simon BOSWELL
Editor Catherine KELBER
Set Designer Kemal HRUSTANOVIC
Costume Designer Amela VILIc
Production Manager Ismet BEGTAŠEVIC
Film distribution and sales Refresh Production Splitska 11 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina tel/fax:+387 33 21 10 93, +387 33 20 83 14
Film background DIRECTOR STATEMENT - I am part of a generation of sons whose fathers left them nothing but a legacy of destroyed cities, fallen principles and the chaos of a broken society. Generations of sons have become hostages of bad decisions made in the past.
This film is about the moment when we, the sons, must decide whether to correct our fathers' mistakes or simply tell them to fuck off. My choice is the latter.
Film awards and festivals Bermuda International Film Festival 2004
•    Won, Jury Prize
Srdjan Vuletic

Brussels European Film Festival 2004
•    Won, Golden Iris
Srdjan Vuletic

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2004
•    Won, MovieZone Award
Srdjan Vuletic
•    Won, Tiger Award
Srdjan Vuletic

Sofia International Film Festival 2004
•    Won, FIPRESCI Prize
Srdjan Vuletic
•    Won, Special Jury Award
Srdjan Vuletic
•    Nominated, Grand Prix
Srdjan Vuletic
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