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Year 2005/2006
Director Anya Camillerri
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Clubdeal Gray Film Company Ltd
Incubus Castel Production Srl
Film synopsis Incubus- (n) 1. An evil spirit that descends on people when they sleep
2. A male demon that has sexual intercourse with women as they sleep.
3. A nightmare.

Six teenagers break into what they think is an abandoned recycling plant, and find themselves in the aftermath of a horrible murder, the only survivor of which is a Sleeper - a coma patient hooked up to life support in a triple-locked, shatter-proof observation room. Closer examination reveals a disturbing truth: the Sleeper is Orin Kiefer, a murderer executed by lethal injection six years earlier for butchering his family.

Trapped inside with this comatose madman, they soon discover there is no escape and the “Sleeper”is not as harmless as it would seem...
Film cast Tara Reid
Film credits Producers: Pierre Spengler, Donald Kushner, Adam Shapiro
Executive Producers: Sherman Sall, Alwyn Hight Kushner    
Co-producer: Vlad Paunescu

Music by  Simon Boswell
Film distribution and sales Pueblo Film Releasing Limited / Intandem Films
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