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Year 2003/2004
Director Bernard Rose
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Man With A Camera Ltd
MANWAC Castel Production srl
Film synopsis Whie filming a horror movie, renowned director Boris Arkadin (Jeroen Krabbe) mixes reality with fiction until the two become blurred beyond recognition. After inviting a group of actors to his mansion to recreate a series of Manson Family - type murders that took place in the same house three decades earlier. It doesn't take long before the lines between truth and fiction are blurred and the bodies start piling up.
Film cast Jeroen KrabbĂ© ....  Boris Arkadin
Lisa Enos ....  Wendy Jones
Hugo Myatt ....  Leon Bank
Joe Reegan ....  Jack
Teri Harrison ....  Pamela
Sharif ....  Matt Drazin
Alastair Mackenzie ....  Andy
Lyndsey Marshal ....  X
Catalina Harabagiu ....  Youth
Viorica Voda ....  Teeth
Tudor Necula ....  Marco Arkadin
Andrew Tiernan ....  Bruce
Film credits Producers: Lisa Enos,Donald Kushner, Peter Locke,Brad Wyman
Co Producers: Pierre Spengler, Vlad Paunescu
line producer Daniel Shepherd
Cinematography by Bernard Rose
Art Direction by Tine Mette Bloch Jespersen
Set Decoration by Roberta Nechifor
Costume Design by Oana Paunescu
Film distribution and sales Intandem Films
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Film awards and festivals Edinburgh International Film Festival Official Selection
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