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Year 2007
Director Srdjan Vuletic
Film synopsis Completed
Film synopsis Clubdeal Ltd
Refresh Productions
Riva Productions
Yodi Film
Studio Arkadena
Film synopsis Rafko, a middle aged Sarajevan taxi driver, has just purchased a brand new van with which he hopes to attract a better clientele and begin a new and improved chapter in his life. However, fate will have it differently as Rafko finds himself entwined with the Bosnian criminal underground, a pregnant woman, a group of Japanese tourists, and multiple visits to the hospital.
Striving to overcome the obstacles in his way, Rafko comes to understand that it is hard to be nice in the world that he lives in.  
Film cast Sasa Petrovic
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Film credits Producer .... Ademir Venovic
Executive producer .... Pierre Spengler
Co-producer ....  Michael Eckelt
Line producer .... Bob Simmonds

Director of Photography .... Slobodan Trnic
Film distribution and sales Cinears
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